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Monday, April 7, 2014

Make up Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone,
       So to make up the whole time I have been "avoiding" my internet life, I will just explain to you guys a lot of things. Enjoy~!

        So far...

             In school, I have good grades and an okay life. Anyway, when it was New Years, I got a gift instead of money!!!! The gift was tarot cards, and it was really cool. For some reason, I enjoy fortune telling because I often would like to see the future and what I can change. But, it's just an amusement. To those that are religious, it doesn't mean that I don't trust God, but it's just like a hobby. I just want to know whether I will do something I regret.  My grades are straight A's. But, I am kinda being critized to get better grades. I can't do anything about it. As for my love life, it's kinda bad really. Don't ask because the only thing I could ever tell is that I am too shy. Exams were horrible and I wish I had slept more thaat week. But hey, I can sleep a minimum of 4 hours and stay awake the whole day. Dark circle aren't really forming though. I feel lucky! Anyway, let's continue to a different subject.


       So at home, my small garden bloomed! I had these beautiful flowers planted in my back yard. Sadly, I forgot their name because I planted the bulbs or seeds back around summer and autumn. I'm pretty much a newbie on photography, but at least it doesn't look 100% horrible.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hey guys,
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      So I finally got my honor roll crtificate and I found something I never knew about, and it's Danbo! I plan to get him for $21.00, but that is a bit pricey and I can just get it on my birthday. Anyhow, on LOL, there's updates and something on sale caught my eye: Exiled Morgana, I think 50% off. It totally sucks on how I wasted my 1560 RP on ghost bride and blackthorn. Ah well. I will again try being more active. So, come again!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hey everyone,
     So, for this year or quarter, I am required to make a new blog based on a subject. For my subject, I chose winter. It seems legit if you ask me. It's called KJV Hatter. I hope you enjoy~!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

League of Legends

Hey everyone,
       So, for amusement, I will do something random with League of Legends like review, spotlight, etc. It's a simple thing really. I hope you guys will enjoy~!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Late New Year....

Hey everyone,
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      So yeah, I have been avoiding blogging for a very, very, very long time now. It's just because of how the semester was ending and I wanted to study and get Honor Roll. Fortunately for me, I made it! I thought I had to get A+ in all of the stuffs, and I realize I didn't. Which was stupid of me, if you ask me. So, I was planning on a video and to my deepest, eternal sadness, my hard-drive was lost...The story is basically my necklace with my tags, pocket watch, and the hard drive had snapped off while I was running in the field. It's covered in snow. So, I can't look for it until it's spring. As for update on life, I am playing League of Legends!!!!!!!! My best class has to be Supporter. As for my epic n00b record, I was playing PVP with 16 kills, 2 deaths, and 27 assists with Morgana for the first game in Summoners Rift. Well, that is so far in my life. Nothing special on Christmas or New Year...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ideas????? Game on!

Hey everyone!
      Over the week, I got a birthday gift of a sketching pack. I made the picture on the right. Like it? Since Gold, or "Tasrno" is now active. It's game on! Well, if he is 100% active that is. I mean literally, almost every friend I ever had last year is probably inactive besides me, Lily, "Tsarno", and some other friends...
      Now, I'm pretty much tired, bored, clueless, etc. Maybe starting something could work. Why not you guys comment and tell your opinion and ideas? Well anyways, I'm going to just discuss about such things or tell a story. Depends really. But please, comment and tell me something you might want me to do. Thanks and come again~!

L.A Reflections

Hey everyone!
      So practically, this is my class assignment for today on the book Hidden Talents Part 1. Enjoy~!

1. My favorite part in the book so far has to be the talk of Torchie with Lucky because it shows the start of the climax/problem. Even though there is already a problem.
   -My favorite character has to be Torchie because even though Torchie seems to always light and deny it, Torchie is a really nice kid that would try to befriend those he can. I mean, so far in the book, the only thing Torchie really has been was kind and optimistic. I guess you can call him the angel of fire.
2. Nothing really changed for Martin since the beginning of the book. He started out as a person who said wrong things at the right time, but he was also a understanding person. Now, he is still the same. I guess the only thing I can actually think of that changed is that Martin is a bit lonely from his family and that he now knows a lot of people at school than at the beginning. So basically, yes.
3. The Story will probably create more problems that include losing and gaining trust because in the Chapter that we just read, it told about trust.
4. Yes, because each person may have a problem, but they also have a gift. For example, Martin tends to actually say an honest insults that actually tells the problem of that person in Edge View.
5. I suppose anything else I want to add is that everyone in the school has something good and bad in them and maybe, they will use that gift and curse for something in the future.

Sorry, but that is all I can really think of. Thank you and come back soon.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


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Hey everyone!
      Today is my birthday and I thought maybe I should post for fun with any updates. Well now, I'm working on drawing manga as a beginner. It's not that bad as I thought. But, it's really hard for me to make everything completely even. I might as well get sick today with all the cake that I'll get. It's nice for me to have my birthday since it's always fun at some point. Maybe I could ask for Sony Vegas 8 or something...
Well that's all I can say and sorry for being boring. I'll try harder next time! Thanks~1

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

FINALLY! First Quarter is Over!

Hey everyone!
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      Apologizing for inactivity! But, I made the first quarter with a straight A's! Yay! I might start the MMV's again. It's going to be a fall since I can't use the recorder anymore. But, it's worth a shot. Class is awesome so far and as for anyone at my age, there has always got to be a crush and a rival. Yes, a crush. Weird, but true. It's nice in my opinion to have these both because it shows that you have something worth fighting for. Anyway, what to say? What to say...Oh my goodness! I almost forgot! My birthday is coming soon and so is Halloween. This year is probably a year I probably don't want to forget. Maybe this year, it will be more ghoulish. I'm somehow starting to get addicted to some other books like The Looking Glass Wars Series and visual novels like Vampire Kisses: Graveyard Games. 

I'm enjoying this the 5th graders learn and enjoy with their blogs with "Director M". Maybe pay a little visit of spookiness would do the trick like give a little surprise of scares with a witch costume. Anyway, thanks for coming and once again, apologize for inactivity. Why not comment and show what you guys might want to make and post? I'm quite skilled with art. Thanks and come back soon~!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hey everyone!
     I am so sorry I didn't post for such a long time. Anyway, I finally got my brown belt with 2 white stripes. Also, I got a rather not so good start...
     Anyway, I did make other new friends. It seems stressful, like today, I felt like I was going to collapse because I was at the airport last night for some random thing I don't know. I will also be posting a Maple Series, and I apologize, but I lack a lot of things. I also made this drawing out of boredom too. Sorry if that's not pretty. But that isn't me or anyone I know. I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga, so I tend to draw stuff like this. Thanks and come back soon~!